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Twilight Weddings

We aren't talking about the werewolf of vampire kind of twilight!! 

We are referring to a wedding that is perfect for those looking to steer away from traditional formalities and wanting to get straight into the celebrations. 

So what exactly is a twilight wedding? 

A twilight wedding begins much later in the day - usually from 5pm.  It still includes a full ceremony and an evening reception but not a formal sit down meal. 

That doesn't mean your guests won't get fed! 

Most couples opting for this package are looking for a more relaxed vibe, providing street food trucks to dish out delicious, comforting festival style foods such as wood-fired pizza, taco's or dirty fries! 

Getting married at sunset is seriously romantic and can be the perfect choice for those looking to get married later in the year as Autumn arrives or the Golden hour is at it's finest!

What are the benefits of a twilight wedding? 

  • If you are on a budget, this option helps you to save money not only on your venue, but also on your catering bill.

  • They allow for breathtaking Sunset shots or magical moonlit moments

  • A much shorter day and a longer evening reception meaning less time before you hit the dance floor!!

  • Our twilight packages start from just £6250


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