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Catering at Coed


There is no catering offered within the packages that we provide at Coed as we believe in the importance of supporting local businesses as much as possible to help boost our local economy. Using a local supplier who uses our homegrown seasonal produce in their menus, can also reduce your carbon footprint, your catering costs and the environmental impact of your wedding celebrations.

With this in mind, as soon as you book your celebration at Coed, we will pass on your details to our preffered catering suppliers 

Two Simmering Pans 


Wild Thing Catering 


Money saving tips we love to share


Catering can eat up (pardon the pun) a huge portion of your budget depending on your party size. With this in mind, consider the time your ceremony will take place. The later your ceremony takes place, the less food you will need to supply for your guests, lowering your catering costs as they will already have had a hearty lunch before heading to your wedding celebrations. The less food you supply, the less waste that goes into landfill, lowering your impact on the environment and reserving the savings in your bank account for a your honeymoon adventures. We do compost as much food waste as possible onsite, but some foods have way too many preservatives and just cannot be turned into good compost to feed our gardens. 


We do not charge "cake-age" (silly charge for using your own cake as a dessert for your guests) at Coed. With this in mind, why not ask your elder relatives to create a cake table for your dessert or evening buffet. Home-baked cakes are always a hit with guests. You could possibly do a Mary Berry style bake-off with prizes for the winner!


Instead of a traditional wedding cake that generally goes to waste, you could replace it with a cheese tower draped in edible flowers and seasonal berries from our gardens at Coed. This again could be used with crackers and homemade chutneys (another job for grannie!) for your evening buffet as everyone loves a sophisticated cheese board to graze on with their wine later in the evening. There is never a crumb of cheese left the following day!





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