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Our Packages 

At Coed, we now offer a variety of packages to stay in line with modern trends. Gone are the days where everyone craves a huge white wedding with no expenses spared, where all their forgotten family, distant friends and the occasional gate crasher are invited to an expensive slap up meal, free booze and a dad dance on the dance floor only never to be seen again when the day is done. 

We now offer a variety of packages to suit everyones perfect day but always staying true to our own low-impact ethos.  

Outdoor Ceremony

If the weather could be guaranteed, no-one would every get married indoors at Coed! With summer meadows, a stone circle, a woodland lake, a forest garden and a giant birdcage to choose from, there is always a perfect spot for your outdoor ceremony to happen! But when the rain comes, your back up is not bad either!

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Smaller Weddings

If you are looking for somewhere special with under 50  guests in mind, you could opt for out intimate or elopement packages 

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Larger Weddings

If you are lucky enough to have a huge friendship group of over 50 day guests to celebrate your day with you, then our twilight package or full weekend package are perfect for you 


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