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You may have seen all the beautiful images of Coed Weddings on various social media platforms but


What is Coed Weddings really all about?


Everyone’s expectations for their wedding day is completely different.  With an abundance of conventional venues, such as stately homes, religious places of worship, castles, luxurious hotels, and purpose built farmer's barns to choose from, it is important to find a venue that really connects with your expectations, lifestyle, ethos and beliefs.


Over the past few decades there has been a huge surge in the set up of intentional communities looking for a simpler and more holistic way of living.  This has also increased the demand for alternative, free-thinking wedding venues that connect with individuals on a deeper spiritual level. For years, these venues have seemed out of reach to those who were not connected to any diverse groups or part of such a community. But with a welcome change in generations, social progression and the relaxation of marriage licensing laws, more and more of these soulful locations are springing up from the shadows.


Coed Hills Rural Art Space is one of these locations. A unique wedding venue set within an intentional community, part of a gentle, spiritual movement that has its roots deeply connected to Gaia or Mother Earth. Everything that we do is evaluated by our impact on the land, our responsibility as guardians to it’s future and how we can reconnect with our simpler ancestral ways. We believe in the spiritual connection of souls, portraying this through a humble wedding celebration of love, light and unity. 

What we are not!! 

Coed Weddings is not your stereotypical venue that follows the sterile expectations of a 5 star stately home or luxurious hotel. We are a little rough around the edges and hand-built by past and present residents with love. We are not an all-night party venue, having sensible "closing" times to respect our neighbours and the needs of the onsite community. The tranquility of our venue is it's appeal to the couples who celebrate their love here.

Our Vision


Our vision is to change the way weddings are perceived by limiting our impact on the environment. If your ethos is eating a seasonal menu produced from our organic garden, embracing a low-impact celebration, respect the values of the onsite community and drinking alcohol sourced only from local producers, then you are possibly the right couple for Coed. 


Find out more about us here

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