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Welcome to Coed Weddings 
“An exclusive weekend wedding retreat for the conscious minded”


Coed (pronounced Coyd) is a unique wedding venue set within an intentional community in South Wales.  The 180 acres of unspoilt ancient woodland, man-made lakes and beautiful summer meadows are managed by the residents using permiculture and ancestral methods . Hidden away just a stones throw from the busy Welsh Capital, Cardiff, Coed really is a simplistic utopia and a perfect get away from the demands of modern life.


Coed has been the leading centre for low impact living in Wales since it was established in 1997. It has hosted many international events including Art show's and the UK Permaculture Convergence.  It has been internationally identified as a place for those who want to embrace an off grid way of living in harmony with nature or to explore and evolve their connection with themselves in tranquil and peaceful surroundings. 


With its relaxed spiritual atmosphere, it is perfect for a weekend long celebration of love and unity with family and friends, providing a blank canvas to create a deep and meaningful wedding or hand fasting union.


Here at Coed we are embracing a different approach to the Wedding and Events industry by reducing our impact on the environment. Our zero waste approach means that everything you bring to the venue must either be recyclable or reusable, reducing your landfill waste and the carbon footprint of your event. See our Zero waste policy here.


We only use local suppliers wherever possible, supporting small businesses that are in line with our waste free ethos and are also passionate about our planet. This venue is a working environment and not suited to someone looking for a sterile Wedding venue.  Our home is pre-loved, quirky and simplistic. 


Coed has a licence to hold civil ceremonies in its large rustic barn or a smaller more intimate ceremony room. You could opt for an outdoor ceremony which can be conducted in one of five locations on-site, perfect for those who dream of a Wedding surrounded by nature..


If your guests wish to remain at the venue for the weekend, they can stay in one of the various cosy little self built eco-homes dotted around the site or even set up their own camp in one of the camping fields.


With its green methods of living and low impact ethos, Coed could also bring nature to your table with its freshly grown certified organic vegetables grown from our onsite gardens at Coed Organic. The organically grown produce could be used to serve a seasonal menu to your guests meaning you are really providing a wholesome experience with little impact to the environment.   


Wander through our woodland and pick your own fauna to decorate your ceremony room. This not only looks exceptionally pretty but also helps us to maintain a healthy woodland and can be put straight back into the compost systems at Coed.  We can also supply you with edible flowers from our gardens to decorate your wedding cake.

Read our full terms and conditions of hire here


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