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Coed Weddings Zero Waste Policy


  •  We are very up for everything recyclable including glass, tin cans, some plastics and paper/cardboard, however we cannot take anything that will not be recycled onsite or offsite. Be prepared to take home any single use plastics that would otherwise end up as landfill waste. 


  •  We hate too much wedding food waste at Coed. Anything left over after your sit down meal will be used to feed your suppliers and Coed Weddings staff.  However, all plate-waste is disposed of in our compost bins for future use. Your food waste feeds our vegetables and fruit.


  •  Please do not be offended if we ask you to take all Wedding decor with you as we do not want them cluttering our already over cluttered shelves at Coed. Sell them online in your own time and buy yourself a tree sapling to plant in your garden from the profits. Watch your tree sapling grow and blossom alongside your married life.  


  •  At Coed we love flowers and plants! These are a welcome donation after your event and can be used to decorate the venue and cabins for the pleasure of other guests.


  •  Everybody loves cake and cheese!!  We really appreciate your kind offers of leftovers. However, as Coed staff spend all spring and summer grafting in the soil, growing organic vegetables to be self-sufficient, and are mostly vegan or dairy-free, we really will not eat it and the dogs are already getting way to fat. Please remember to bring along reusable containers to take your left overs home.


  •  Please consider your landfill waste ahead of your celebrations. Maybe remove and leave behind excess or unnecessary packaging before you head to Coed.  Bring everything you need in reusable boxes which we can refill with your precious decor ready for your homeward journey.   We only have small domestic sized landfill bins at Coed as we do not like to waste anything, so, if you do forget to leave your single-use waste at home, we will gift you your very own black bags filled with non-recyclable single use plastics, from us, with love, as a lasting memory.


  •  Our gardens are filled with edible delights that also make great natural decorations. Please use them to wow your guests instead of buying in lots of pre-packaged flowers to decorate your cake or water butts.


  •  Coed is not just a venue, it is home to our hard-working staff, their small humans and furry friends that you will meet throughout your stay at Coed. We all generally walk around carefree, barefooted or free-pawed so please remember to report any breakages so we can sweep it into our recycling and save on the supplies in our first aid boxes.  Yes, we are all stereotypical tree-hugging hippies! 


  • Reuse your pint glasses to reduce wasting precious water.  


  •  Even your human waste is recycled!!! The toilets in our main barn are rather special as they support a whole eco-system in the gardens. We harvest the rain-water from the barn roof to fill up the water system in the toilets. So please do not flush anything that is not bio-degradable down the loos, it may harm the wildlife at Coed and it could block the toilets which will cause a bit of a bad smell which you do not want on your Wedding Day.    


  • If you are not quite as eco savvy as you could be, or yet cottoned onto to just how much money you can save by using reusable sanitary products and children's nappies, bins are provided in the toilets for you to discard your disposable sanitary products and nappies


  • When your weekend is finally over and you are wondering what to do with the boxes full of wedding decor in your spare room or garage, consider donating to charity or re-selling your used Wedding items on our Coed Brides past and present Facebook page to future Coed Brides or other online Wedding groups, as this way you are not fill up landfill with your waste and you may even raise enough to return to Coed for a de-stressing weekend break!!.


  •  Using local suppliers creates a better local economy, builds networking relationships, reduces shipping costs and smashes your carbon footprint. Be smart, shop local, save money and support small businesses. Win, Win!!


  •  At Coed we use as much solar energy as possible to heat and light our venue. The evening is lit by solar lights and candles, which create an ambient calming atmosphere. Our driveway is lit with sensor lights so your guests can find their way back to their cars. The pathways and cabins are illuminated by solar lights, this is so people can see their way to bed and are not kept awake by street lamps or unnecessary overnight high powered lighting which causes light pollution and creates anarchy amongst the wildlife at Coed.


  •  Our solar showers are great as the hot water is heated by the sun which is completely free! But our biomass boiler uses our woodland waste to heat up the showers for your guests. This means we will need to know in advance how many people will be staying at Coed on the night before your Wedding.  This is so your guests can start the day feeling cleansed and are not having the surprise of a cold shower or, on the opposite side of the coin, we do not waste the wood that has taken us hours to chop.


  •  Lastly consider providing a car share or minibus service for your guests to get to and from Coed, as this will reduce your Carbon footprint on the day. Car emissions pollute the clean air we have at Coed and we want to keep our air space as fresh as possible for you to enjoy. 

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